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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

TILT Episode 3 - Educational Robotics

In this Episode of TILT, we examine the potential of robotics programs as learning tools. Here is an overview of Episode 3:

Click to view TILT Episode 3 - Educational Robotics (19Mb Windows Media Video)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Episode 2 - Using Digital Pictures in the Classroom

In this episode, we look at using digital pictures in the classroom. Topics covered in this episode are:
  • Digital literacy
  • Creating a digital photo album with PowerPoint
  • Creating a multimedia photo presentation with Photo Story 3
  • Ideas for using digital cameras in the classroom
  • Sharing photos with parents and students using Flickr.com
  • Extra viewer submissions : Star-w and The EdTech Posse
The download is a 19Mb .wmv file. Tomorrow I will be posting a .divx version of this episode which will has a chapter links menu similar to a DVD. This should make viewing TILT episodes a bit easier for the Mac crowd. I'm also looking at publishing a Quicktime format. If anyone has suggestions for a good application to convert .wmv to Quicktime please let me know via the comments section here or email tilttv@gmail.com .

Click here for Windows Media Video (WMV) Version

Click here to view large Google Video version

Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Episodes Coming - Call for Submissions

2 new episodes of TILT will be published within the next week or two and we'd love to share your good experiences/ideas/resources around the following topics:
  • Robotics in the classroom
  • Digital pictures in the classroom
Email TILT with your submissions at tilttv@gmail.com!
Danny Maas, TILT TV