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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TILT - iPhones in Classrooms

In this episode, we'll look at four elements of the iPhone which make it a great educational tool for a teacher and students:
  • Still/video camera and apps to edit/enhance photos (00:43)
  • Audio recorder (04:15)
  • iPod/iTunes (05:04)
  • Blogging apps (07:31)
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  • At 30.9.09, Anonymous Shane Grundy said…

    Danny! Great to see you back and posting. The iPhone/Touch is something we've been looking at here at my school, as there are also student response systems avalible, and Google's cloud computing apps are becomeing more compatiable withe the moble broswers (currently you can view anything and edit spreadsheets). They are such a handy little device - I don't think I could ever go back to not having one. Oh - I almost forgot RSS readers (which is how I saw this post...) Kids can keep up to date on the latest information on whatever topic you want with those....

  • At 23.12.09, Anonymous Derek Keenan said…

    I won a grant in my division for a class set of iPod touches in my classroom. Other than the camera (something I hope they add soon) it has everything the iPhone has that I would use educationally. They have been an AMAZING addition to my classroom. In fact, they have become so effective that we are having serious talks around the school about going to a 1 to 1 program with iPod Touches in the near future. They inspire, are interactive and engage students on THEIR terms. I wouldn't want to 1go back to teaching without them now!


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