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Thursday, March 27, 2008

TILT - Slideshows and Video Projects to DVD the Easy (and Free) Way

The thought of burning photo slide shows, PowerPoint presentations, and video projects to DVD as a way of sharing schoolwork with home is desirable to many teachers. With Windows XP however, too often it means having to buy software.

In this episode, you'll see options for converting these projects and burning them to DVD which are easy and which involve using free, trusted software.

Show Links:
DVD Flick Website
Microsoft Photo Story 3
Windows Media Encoder 9

Large Google Video Version
Right-click to download:
iTunes Version (320 x 240, 42 MB MPEG-4)
Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 38 MB WMV)

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  • At 18.4.08, Anonymous Poor child said…

    great! thanks for sharing

  • At 1.5.08, Anonymous Lisa Raines said…

    Danny! I am blown away by TILT! I'm sharing your blog with all my teachers and the other tech facilitators in my county. I have been wanting to do my own screencasts like this but haven't had time. I must say that you have inspired me! Thanks also for all the great dialog on my own blog. I look forward to seeing more from TILT.

  • At 24.6.08, Anonymous Bob Word said…

    Thanks for the insight!
    I'm a home-school teacher, and this information helps me tremendously when preparing my material.

  • At 2.8.08, Blogger Satya said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 12.8.08, Anonymous ciucu said…

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  • At 3.10.09, Blogger Jamie said…

    This is a great video -- and I'm not even a spammer. I wish that the linux community would come out with a Photo Story clone that was easy to use. We could take all those repurposed old computers and make them into authoring machines. *sigh*!


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