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Monday, January 15, 2007

TILT Episode 15 - Creating a Timeline with Microsoft Excel

Many of us in schools have access to Microsoft Excel, but finding a variety of uses for this powerful program can be challenging. In this tutorial episode, we will use Microsoft Excel to create a simple yet interactive and media-rich timeline.

Show Links:
Microsoft.com's online lesson
Excel template used in this episode (287 KB)

Large Google Video Version
Right-click to download:
iTunes Version (320 x 240, 19 MB MPEG-4)
Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 23 MB WMV)

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  • At 31.1.07, Anonymous nicole said…

    Microsoft Excel really has a variety of uses. Beginners may just see excel as something not that useful but as you learn and explore its functions and commands, you'll definitely be amazed with it. It makes things easier and faster, moreso if you're an into advanced excel.

  • At 7.2.07, Blogger Connie Rice said…

    This is a great resource. I spent quite a bit of time trying to train the teachers at my school how to use the software we already have. Timelines are a big buzz - especailly with the social studies teachers. Thanks

  • At 8.2.07, Blogger Darryl said…

    I found this session very helpful in that I never really knew what really went into excel. Granted, I'll probably have to go over the session several more times to get a grasp as well as understanding...I believe it;ll be worth it.

  • At 17.6.07, Anonymous dx-xel said…


    I'm new here..just found your blog from google...really useful information..thanks..:)

  • At 9.2.08, Anonymous eytstan said…


    never heard this before. thanks for the info...i thought my knowledge in excel are enough yet i need to learn more! :) again, thanks!

  • At 27.6.08, Anonymous Cell Phone Antenna said…

    Great post! I tried it and it's so great. Thanks again for sharing. This is eytstan.

  • At 2.8.08, Blogger Satya said…


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  • At 7.1.09, Anonymous Stephanie said…

    I think this is great!! I teach history and I can easily use this for any chapter or unit!

  • At 13.11.09, Blogger Eddy said…

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  • At 24.11.09, Blogger Eddy said…

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  • At 30.11.09, Blogger Eddy said…

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