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Saturday, May 19, 2007

TILT Episode 16 - Multimedia Storybooks with PowerPoint 2003

We know that our students learn better through multiple representations of the same idea, not to mention the engagement that multimedia can offer our students. With text, animation, narration, and the ability to insert video/audio clips, using PowerPoint to create multimedia storybooks is a natural! In this episode you'll see the basics of creating or retelling a story using PowerPoint 2003.

Show Links:
Rubistar - Online rubric creator
Sounddogs - Downloadable sound effects
Sample multimedia storybook rubric (9KB PDF)
Sample PowerPoint shown in this episode

Large Google Video Version
Right-click to download:
iTunes Version (320 x 240, 37 MB MPEG-4)
Windows Media Version (640 x 480, 36 MB WMV)

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  • At 3.12.07, Anonymous Janine said…

    Had some time and just stopped by to see what you've been up to lately. Another fantastic episode!!! (They're all wonderful!!!) You inspire me. Keep up the great work!!! p.s. Is that one of my Garage Jams in your intro!??

  • At 10.2.08, Blogger reggy said…

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  • At 29.3.09, Blogger Devid said…

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  • At 6.11.09, Blogger Allison said…

    This is a great idea. I frequently use Power Point in my classroom to present new concepts to my students in a visually stimulating manner. I had not thought of creating storybooks with them. As a first grade teacher, we work hard on learning story structure (character, setting, problem, solution). Creating a storybook with them using Power Point would be a wonderful way for them to practice their beginning writing skills. Many of them have excellent computer skills and love to use the computer whenever they can.
    I am excited to try this in my classroom within the next few weeks. Thank you for this idea.


  • At 13.11.09, Blogger Eddy said…

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