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Thursday, March 04, 2010

TILT - Create a Classroom Magazine with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is software which is present in most of our schools, however it can be used for so much more than presentations. In this episode, you'll see how PowerPoint can be used to create a beautiful classroom magazine. While the screencast demonstrates PowerPoint 2007, 2003 can also be used.

Project ideas include:
  • Thematic articles (e.g. poetry magazine, global citizenship magazine)
  • Subject-specific (e.g. math magazine)
  • Student portfolio magazine for each student (e.g. work samples, reflections, interviews, etc.)
  • Cross-class magazine (e.g. collaborative project between two or more classes)

Publishing options include:
  • Print copies with services such as HP's MagCloud
  • Online publishing services such as Youblisher

Right-click to download:
iTunes Version (1280 x 720, 32Mb)
Windows Media Version (720 x 480, 13Mb)