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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

TILT Episode 12 - Web Applications Part 2

In this episode, we'll feature 4 fantastic web-based applications that can have you and your students using some incredibly-functioning, feature-rich applications without the need to install anything. As the episode title suggests, these applications and tools run right in your web browser and are all FREE.

Applications featured in this episode:
Writely - the web word processor
Gliffy - a web-based concept-mapping/diagram-creating tool similar to Inspiration
Protopage - create feature-rich web pages instantly without any programming (or program)
Gabbly - a chat application window that can appear with ANY website instantly (records your chat transcript too)
Mailinator - instant and disposable email addresses for those who love these web services but don't want to give an email address to register for these services with a real email address

Google Video - larger version
MPEG-4 Version (48MB, 320x240 - Right-click 'Save Target As...' to download)
Windows Media Version (59MB, 640x480)

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