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Monday, July 26, 2010

Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint

Many teachers see the value of viewing YouTube video content with their students but have concerns about some of the advertisements and the other 'wrapper' elements that often surround the YouTube video.  Certainly using sites such as WatchKnow.org are an option, however not all YouTube videos are in WatchKnow.  Some teachers use websites such as Zamzar.com or methods such as KissYouTube or PwnYouTube to convert and download YouTube videos, however some teachers are nervous about copyright and YouTube Terms of Service issues.  Yet other teachers embed YouTube videos on their own blogs and wikis, but some teachers don't have their own easy web publishing spaces.

Recently, while reading Andrea's Blog I discovered that YouTube videos can be embedded into PowerPoint 2007 relatively easily.  Below is a YouTube video describing the process, as well as a download link to a PowerPoint 2007 presentation which has the directions and a couple sample embedded YouTube videos as well.


Download sample PowerPoint 2007 presentation with emedded YouTube video and instructions (1.2 MB PPTX)

A picture is worth a thousand words so I encourage you to watch the YouTube video directions, however if you want the quick instructions the steps are:
  1. In PowerPoint, enable the 'Developer' tab by choosing 'PowerPoint Options', then 'Show Developer tab in the Ribbon'
  2. On a new slide, choose 'Developer' tab-->'More Controls'-->'Shockwave Flash Object' and click and drag a rectangle for your embedded YouTube video.  It will look like a rectancle with an 'x' inside it.
  3. Copy the url of the YouTube video you want embedded
  4. Right-click the 'rectangle x' and choose 'Properties'
  5. Copy/paste the YouTube url into the ‘Movie’ line.
    E.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hChq5drjQl4
  6. Remove the ‘watch?’, put a / after the ‘v’, and remove the ‘=‘ sign.
    E.g. Before
  7. Exit the properties
  8. Launch your PowerPoint presentation and your YouTube video will appear (*Requires live Internet connection)
Download sample PowerPoint 2007 presentation with emedded YouTube video and instructions (1.2 MB PPTX)