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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Episode 2 - Using Digital Pictures in the Classroom

In this episode, we look at using digital pictures in the classroom. Topics covered in this episode are:
  • Digital literacy
  • Creating a digital photo album with PowerPoint
  • Creating a multimedia photo presentation with Photo Story 3
  • Ideas for using digital cameras in the classroom
  • Sharing photos with parents and students using Flickr.com
  • Extra viewer submissions : Star-w and The EdTech Posse
The download is a 19Mb .wmv file. Tomorrow I will be posting a .divx version of this episode which will has a chapter links menu similar to a DVD. This should make viewing TILT episodes a bit easier for the Mac crowd. I'm also looking at publishing a Quicktime format. If anyone has suggestions for a good application to convert .wmv to Quicktime please let me know via the comments section here or email tilttv@gmail.com .

Click here for Windows Media Video (WMV) Version

Click here to view large Google Video version


  • At 15.7.05, Blogger Dean Shareski said…

    Nice work Danny, could you include "show notes" with links? The Lemony Snicket example with Photo Story was an excellent project. It would be easier to click on the link than going back to the video. Just a small request. Keep up the great work! You're off to a great start.

  • At 15.7.05, Blogger Janine Riggins said…

    Thanks so much for including STAR-W in this episode! We appreciate it. I'll be including a link to TILT on my new homepage, which is currently under construction. Thanks again!

  • At 16.7.05, Anonymous Brett Moller said…

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    Thanks again,


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