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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

TILT TV Welcomes You!

Well, my first experience with vidcasting is just complete with the production of a short welcome video for viewers of TILT TV. I used the demo version of Serious Magic's Visual Communicator 2 to produce the 1-minute segment.

This segment gives viewers an overview of what to expect from TILT TV and provides more details on submitting content to future episodes!

Click to view TILT TV's Welcome video segment.


  • At 15.6.05, Blogger Danny Maas said…

    Note to viewers - This welcome segment was produced with the demo version of Visual Communicator 2. My apologies for the 'DEMO' watermark on the video. I've ordered the academic version of VC2 and it should be arriving within a couple weeks.

  • At 16.6.05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    cool verry cool



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