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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Episodes: Themes versus Segments, Quick versus Full

I've gone back and forth with this issue and am wondering how we should shape TILT (yes I said WE). Do we offer episodes that are based around a theme (say, for example a whole episode on problem-based learning with technology which is currently in production set to be released next week) or should we have a few different segments in each episode (for example, a bit on great educational websites, a bit on project ideas, a bit on software tutorials, etc.)? I think what I'll do is start with a themed episode on PBL with technology and then do a segmented episode on a few different things and see what viewers think. Chuck it against the wall and see what sticks so to speak.

Another issue - do I offer quick 2-5 minute episodes which I could pump out weekly or do I make a larger 10-15 minute show which might take 2-3 weeks to produce? Let us know.

Send your feedback, show ideas, etc. through the 'Comments' section of this blog or email tilttv@gmail.com .

Thanks all!
Danny Maas


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