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Monday, June 27, 2005

TILT Episode 1 - Enhancing the Writing Process Using the Internet

TILT Episode 1 is ready and I can't wait for feedback! In this episode we review some websites which can help students and teachers plan their writing, learn new writing techniques and structures, share their writing with others, and generate excitement and enthusiasm for the writing process in meaningful ways.

Educationally, I purposely chose websites as the main form of content for the reason that activities involving the Internet are highly accessable for average teachers - no installs, no versions of software or platform issues, no highly technical knowledge required, etc.

Technically, I made a conscious effort to keep the filesize down (approximately 13 Mb Windows Media Video (.wmv) file). The result, however, is some blurriness and a small screen size. Again, please offer feedback as it's easy for me to create a larger or better-quality video, however file size will increase. I was listening to Leo Laporte's 'This Week in Tech' podcast yesterday and related to this I heard a great quote which applies here: "You can have it good, quick, and easy - pick any 2."

Anyhow, please send us your knowledge, experiences, advice, and resources! Send it in text, audio, video, photos, screenshots - send it all! This is an interactive broadcast that is created from and shaped by the educational community for the benefit of our students' learning! Email

Click to view TILT Episode 1 - Using the Internet to Enhance Writing.


  • At 16.7.05, Anonymous Frank Carver said…

    That was a really useful overview.

    Normally I wouldn't touch a 12 minute web video, but this one was so interesting that I had to keep stopping and rewinding to catch a URL or the name of a feature.

    If you plan to do this sort of web site overview in future, may I humbly suggest that you put the site URL at the bottom of the screen (ideally with a 100% opaque background for better readability) for the whole time a particular site is on show. With several of the sites you mentioned I was suddenly inspired by some idea or tool, but the site address had already come and gone.

    I don't teach writing in school, but I have two young children who will love playing with some of the stuff you covered here at home.


  • At 11.9.05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks so much! That was fantastic! I'm always looking for ways to increase motivation for my students. I've used the Read Write Think website, and you're right, it's wonderful.

    Will put your site on my favorites list. The other thing that you may want to do is put a list up of the sites you talked about. It's not a big deal, but now I have to open your video up to write the names of the sites down. I wanted to concentrate on what you were saying so I didn't bother to run and get pen and paper to write them down.

    Anyway--great site!


    Heidi Giggey
    4th Grade
    Friends School

  • At 20.4.09, Blogger juliemichelle0429 said…

    It is very useful sources for writing. I am always looking for motivation for my child to learn wrting. I think these web sites can encourage children to write and learn its process and its elements very naturally.

    I have a digital generation child, so I need new technology to supprot her.


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