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Friday, October 07, 2005

TILT Episode 5 - Problem-based Learning With Technology

Well, The Problem-based Learning (PBL) episode is ready and it's a large download (40+Mb). In this episode we begin with an overview of what Problem-based learning with technology is (to me). Next we look at going through the process of a PBL technology activity with the example of a science problem, 'How do we manage waste in our world?' The third segment features some example student end-products that can be created to show their understanding or solution to the PBL activity, and the episode wraps up showing 3 different online tools for assessing PBL activities.

It's a long episode and even at around 40 minutes I left out a lot of things. It's a big and important topic that I wanted to do justice to. Below are some show notes for those of you who'd like to skip ahead to certain parts of the episode as well as links to the websites mentioned in the episode. Thanks again to those who shared their great ideas and resouces for this episode - that is what TILT is all about. I encourage any teachers to send any tech-related ideas, resources, etc. to me for future show - tilttv@gmail.com

  1. What is PBL with technology? (00:27-05:58)
  2. Going through the PBL process with your students (05:59-13:03)
  3. Ideas for creative end-products for PBL activities (13:04-30:59)
  4. Assessing PBL activities (31:00-39:00)
Show Links:
Great educational websites repository - The Teacher List
Sample PBL Activity - How do we manage waste in our world?
To Excel in the Class is Elementary
To Excel in the Class is Elementary - Excel Timelines Section
PowerPoint Games (Not Mark E. Damon's site, but access to his Millionaire and Jeopardy templates)
RadioWaves - Student-created radio programs (podcasts)
RadioWaves - Spokane Valley High School site
RadioWaves - BECTA site showing a video overview of RadioWaves
podOmatic - Online podcasting tool (no installations required - only a microphone/speakers)
PBWiki - free instant Wiki creation site
James Tubbs' Math Blog - The Future of Math
James Tubbs' Future of Math - Sample Student Blog
Rubistar - Online rubric maker
Quizstar - Autogradeable quizzes for your students to do online
Easy Test Maker - Website for making/editing paper test questions to print off

Large Google Video Version
MPEG-4 Version (48 MB)

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  • At 8.10.05, Blogger Jo McLeay said…

    Thanks Danny, for your great links. I immediately thought how I could adapt the powerpoint games templates for use with the interactive whiteboard for humanities lessons. I'm looking forward to playing with them. Really love your work with the video casts.

  • At 12.10.05, Blogger TEACHER SOL said…

    The rewards of teaching special ed students are not financial, it's more of intrinsic rewards. I love my job!

    I am a teacher teaching technology with my special ed students. I created my school's community website, and I do podcasts too. Am I worthy to be called a techie teacher? *wink*

    Let's learn from each other. Please feel free to exchange thoughts with us regarding the ideas I present in my entries. I hope you won't get intimidated by the commenters speaking in my native language (I am a Filipino by the way). You're always welcome to visit my blog.

  • At 13.11.09, Blogger Eddy said…

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