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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TILT Quickie - Student-Created Science Lab Video Reports

Not a complete episode of TILT, this video clip shows an example of how a student could create and document a science lab report using the digital video feature of a standard digital camera and a standard free video production suite such as Windows Movie Maker (used to create this video) or iMovie. This movie was created by me, but ideally we'd want the students to create these types of videos to show their knowledge of the science concepts.

Note to iTunes subscribers - for regular TILT episodes, see the TILT website for a full listing of links featured in the episodes so you don't have to scramble to find something to write down the urls while watching episodes.

This sample video answers the question "Does the temperature of water affect the rate that a jellybean will dissolve?". Another great website showcasing student-created science experiment videos comes from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology's 'The Science Connection' website .

The science lab format breaks from the traditional format and instead focuses around 4 questions:
  • What's Your Question?
  • What's Your Answer?
  • How do you Know You're Right?
  • Where do we go From Here?
By the way, I'd love some feedback on the shorter 'quickie' spots versus the polished, longer episodes. Ideally I'd like to keep doing both the regular episodes plus the shorter quick videos such as this one.

MPEG-4 Version

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  • At 28.9.05, Anonymous Jennifer Rundle said…

    This is some great stuff you guys are doing! I love how this is a model for students, but can also be a model for teachers to understand how to instruct kids on what they want from their vlogs. Keep up the good work and check out my review of you guys at We Are The Media!

  • At 28.9.05, Anonymous jonny goldstein said…

    Very cool. I will send a link of this to my science teacher friends.

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