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Thursday, September 01, 2005

TILT Episode 4 (MPEG-4 Format) - Online Literature Websites

In this episode of TILT, we take a look at some websites which contain literature online in some format. Some of the websites show interactive multimedia stories online, while others are meant to be downloaded or printed off. Some websites contain free online literature, while others require membership. All in all, these are some of the best online literature sites I've seen! Here are links to the websites in this episode.

Click to view TILT Episode 4 - Online Literature Websites (17Mb MPEG-4 Video)


  • At 9.9.05, Blogger Janine Riggins said…

    What else can I say, but "ahh, ahh, ahh"!!! You have introduced me to a few great websites...and reminded me about others. Monday morning, my Spec. Ed. students will be learning on Starfall, and loving it!! Especially now that all students will be included in our overall performance on state tests! My emergent readers need this, even in gr. 3! Funny, I was just thinking about Starfall the other night, and viola! Here it is! (You know what they say about great minds!!)
    Keep up the great work! This is excellent!! What a resource!

  • At 16.9.05, Blogger haroldwarner2597 said…

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