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Thursday, February 16, 2006

TILT Episode 8 - Teaching Area, Perimeter, and Scale Drawing with Microsoft Word

In this episode, we look at how teaching the math concepts of area, perimeter, and/or scale drawing can be enhanced using a tool most of us have, Microsoft Word.

Right-click here to download the MPEG-4 Video (24 MB)

Click here to watch the Google Video full screen or click the play button below to watch now!

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  • At 17.2.06, Blogger Dean Shareski said…

    Thanks Danny for this episode. Just showing me how to get rid of that stupid drawing canvas was very helpful.

    I wish Microsoft would do a better job of explaining the benefits to some of their default settings...the Reading View is another example of an annoying default setting, no one likes.

    Sorry to rant and once again, thanks for the good work, I'll pass this on to our Math teachers.

  • At 3.6.07, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As a math teacher, often computers are only viewed as a measn to help simplify a calculation...and thus we turn to a calculator feature. But it was nice to see Microsoft Word...often only viewed as a means of preparing a history or language arts document...instead used interactively in a math lesson.

    The saved a lot of paper and pencil marks...plus all the erasing. With the convenient "right click" and resizing the object, the studnets were able to quickly create a new rectangle/square as designated by specific parameters.

    Thank you!
    --C. Mclain
    4th grade math, NJ

  • At 19.10.08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks so much for the "How To". I hope to use what I learned to help fifth grades with area. Awesome presentation.
    Computer Teacher in Texas

  • At 13.11.09, Blogger Eddy said…

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