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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

TILT Episode 7 - Multimedia Animation Using PowerPoint

In this episode, we look at 3 techniques students (and teachers) can use to create animations in PowerPoint:
1) Custom animation built into PowerPoint (2:27)
2) Keyframe animation with 'Duplicate Slides' and/or with sprites (7:25)
3) 'Flash-once' animation (10:41)

I've used all 3 types of animation with kids for different purposes, but by and large the most effective activities I've done are ones that involve students explaining concepts or ideas with animations. Not present in this episode, students can also record their own voices or add music using tools built into PowerPoint.

Click here for the PowerPoint template used in this episode

Show Links:
The Spriter's Resource
Logitech Video Effects
Other Sprite Animation Websites:
The People's Sprites
Game Sprite Archives

Large Google Video Version

MPEG-4 Version (42 MB)

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